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Here at Atmospheric, we spend a lot of time in front of the whiteboard. There’s no better way for us to brainstorm together, and we have a lot of really great ideas come out of those sessions. Our service desk will often come together to solve complex networking issues, while our implementation team maps out cloud migration plans to ensure we’re giving the best experience to our clients.  If you’re like us, you and your team spend a lot of time using white board markers as well.

But once the white boarding session is over, we also like to keep our whiteboards so we can review them later. It’s great to confirm we captured all of our notes, to double check that we’re still on the original plan, and to grab great ideas that we haven’t applied yet. And while you can take a photo and save it your phone, we’ve found an even better and more efficient way to do this, using OfficeLens and OneNote!

OfficeLens and OneNote

Open OfficeLens on your mobile phone and simply take a photo of your whiteboard. It doesn’t matter if it’s not straight on or if the light isn’t perfect, OfficeLens will automatically adjust your shot so it looks like a perfect copy of your whiteboard. Then simply share the photo to your OneNote and it’s immediately saved. Add tags and text and you can easily search through your whiteboard archives, share your whiteboard with team mates, or even attach the board to other Office 365 applications.

Using OfficeLens and OneNote has revolutionised information sharing here at Atmospheric. It’s a great way to simply saving and sharing information across the organisation.